Postgraduate Diploma In Business Sciences PgD(Bus.Sc.)

This Programme PgD(Bus.Sc), is intended for those who have hitherto been unable to pursue post-graduate programmes due to reasons including:  absence business related first degrees but who have relevant experience in the sector of interest.  It is specifically designed for financial sector participants and is in keeping with the needs of the sector which has increasingly been characterized by sophistication of service demand.  The programme is modeled to enable participants to subsequently pursue Masters Degrees with appropriate exemptions.  Its key areas of focus are: financial management, treasury management, credit management, financial engineering and real estate financial  management

Admission Requirements

  • A candidate must satisfy any of the following minimum requirements in addition to specific programme requirements:

  • Be a holder of a Bachelors degree in any field  of at least a lower second class or its equivalent from an institution recognized by the  University Senate.

  • A holder of a pass degree in any field provided the candidate can show proven evidence of work related experience in the relevant sector  for a  period of not less than 3 years.

Programme  Objectives
The broad objectives of the PgDip.(Bus.Sc.) programme  is to  provide a solid Foundation, for  the participants, in financial sector related academic disciplines: At the end of this programme, participants will be able to among others to:

i) To acquire in-depth knowledge in financial, treasury and credit  management.
ii) To expand opportunities for those wishing to pursue higher degrees in the area of finance, treasury and credit management.

Target Group
This postgraduate diploma programme targets individual working or aspiring to work in the banking, capital markets,  investment, microfinance and general financial sector but do not either have financial background or can not secure automatic admissions into the relevant Masters programmes

Unit Codes and Title  
Semester 1
HCEF 3101: Applied Economics
HCEF 3102: Introduction to Finance
HCEF 3103: Mathematics for Economists
HCEF 3104: Accounting
HCBS 1101:  Management Theory
HCBS 1102: Corporate Governance
Semester 2
Core Units
HCEF 3107: Applied Statistics
HCEF 3108: Operations Research
Options  (Any 2 Units from the selected option)

Financial Management
HCBS 1103: Corporate Finance
HCBS 1104: Portfolio Management
HCBS 1105: International Finance

Treasury Management
HCBS 1106:  Financial Markets
HCBS 1107: Banking Operations and Strategy
HCBS 1108: Treasury Management
HCBS 1109:  Risk Management

Credit Management
HCBS 1110: Strategic Management
HCBS 1111: Credit Management
HCBS 1112: Financial Statement Analysis
HCBS 1113: Law and Credit Management

Financial Engineering
HCBS 1105: International Finance
HCBS 1109:  Risk Management
HCBS 1114: Financial Derivatives
HCBS 1115: Financial Engineering  Theory

Real Estate Management Option

HCBS 1116: Real Estate Transactions and Finance
HCBS 1117: Real Estate Finance
HCEF 1118: Real Estate Principles and Practice
HCBS 1119: Legal Issues In Real Estate

Semester 3
HCBS 1119: Research Project  (2 Units)
HCBS 1120: Internship Programme  (1 Unit)


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